Overview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Vision Statement

We are an established Foreign Service of trained professionals equipped with human, physical and technological resources whose hallmark is providing responsive, quality service. We enhance The Bahamas’ engagement with its regional and international partners while fostering national dialogue and leading regional and international initiatives that impact The Bahamas.

Office of the Permanent Secretary
Administration Division
Accounts Division
Passport Office (Click here)

Department of the Foreign Service
Office of the Director General
Foreign Service Operations Division
Americas Division
Consular Division
Legal Affairs Division
International Relations Division
Economic, Sustainable Development and Technical Assistance Division
Protocol Division
Honorary Consul Unit

Areas of Responsibility

  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Missions
  • Diplomatic Relations
  • Protocol (Accreditation of Ambassadors, Conference Management, Relations with the Diplomatic/Consular Corps, Reception of visiting dignitaries)
  • Extradition
  • Treaties
  • Coordination of applications for international technical assistance
  • Law of the Sea
  • International Organizations
  • CARICOM Affairs
  • Passport Services
  • Visas
  • Consular matters such as assistance to Bahamians in distress
  • Legalization of documents
  • Processing of requests to deport Bahamians to The Bahamas
  • Treaty Negotiation and signature, ratification or accession (Bilateral and Multilateral)
  • Coordination, in conjunction with subject Ministries of reports mandated by international organizations/treaties
  • Cataloguing and maintenance of The Bahamas Treaty Register
  • Liaison with The United States Coast Guard on Search and Rescue operations and illegal migrant flows
  • Coordination, with Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of National Security, of applications by Bahamian prisoners abroad for transfer to HMP pursuant to the various treaties on the matter
  • Refugee and Asylum applications
  • Requests for Mutual Legal Assistance in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General
  • Processing of requests by foreign governments for flights/ships to enter Bahamian airspace/waters
  • Preparation of Credentials for Bahamian delegations to international meetings/conferences
  • Processing, in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General, of child abduction cases pursuant to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction
  • Processing, in conjunction with the Bahamas Maritime Authority, of complaints by foreign Governments of alleged violations of international Maritime Treaties by Bahamian registered vessels
  • Liaison with the Ministry of National Security on The Bahamas’ response to terrorism
  • Liaison with relevant Ministries on the issue of trafficking in persons
  • Liaison with the National Anti-Drug Secretariat on the implementation of international conventions and treaties on drug control, crime prevention and criminal justice issues such as corruption, money laundering, small arms etc.
  • Coordination and advice on the international aspects of The Bahamas’ strategy on maritime issues
  • Organisation, in conjunction with the National Anti-Drug Secretariat, of the annual Bahamas/United States Joint Drug Task Force
  • Monitoring of port and airport security issues