OAS Scholarship

OAS Scholarship


The “Rowe Fund” of the OAS grants interest-free student loans to Latin American and Caribbean citizens to help them cover the last two years of undergraduate, graduate, doctorate studies or research in the United States.  Please see the attached (Click here to download), and visit: http://www.oas.org/en/rowefund; or email:  rowefund@oas.org 

The following PDSP Online-English courses are open to all the citizens of the Americas, please disseminate them.

2017 PAEC Scholarship Opportunities: OAS-GIMI / OAS-UWI / OAS-ISS / OAS-CSU 


  1. Communication 3.0 for Public Administration, CIESI
  1. Expert in e-Learning. Educational Settings. Tutor Level, CIESI
  1. Knowledge Management for Social Projects, CIESI
  1. Evaluating the Impact of Development Programs on Food security, CIESI
  1. Fundraising. Financing Techniques for Social Projects, CIESI
  1. Management for Development Results, CIESI
  1. Expert in Family Agriculture in the Framework of Human Right to Food, CIESI
  1. Grant Writing. How to Write Proposals for Fund Search, CIESI
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, CIESI
  1. Sustainable Urban Transport Systems, CIESI
  1. Fundamentals of IT Service Management with ISO 20000, CITEL-INICTEL
  1. Mastering Digital Economy Regulation, CITEL-CULLEN