Technical Assistance & Training

Training Courses

The Technical Assistance Division (TAD) administers the technical cooperation and assistance programmes offered to The Bahamas bilaterally and multilaterally by way of its membership in international and regional organizations and through its diplomatic relations with other states. Technical Assistance Cooperation is administered in the form of capacity building, training opportunities, professional exchanges, fellowships/scholarships and national development projects, provision of consultants, materials and equipment. The TAD co-operates with both the public and private sector and the general public in implementing its technical work.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is normally the first point of contact for offers of bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The TAD is responsible for carrying out the Ministry’s coordination in this area. It then forwards offers to relevant Ministries, College of The Bahamas, Chamber of Commerce, Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Cooperation and other NGO’s . TAD also negotiates technical cooperation agreements between international and regional organizations and other states.

The Governments of Singapore, Malaysia, India and China offer training courses on a periodic basis to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This information is disseminated to the corresponding agencies.

The Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC) also offers capacity building and skills transfer. The primary objective of CFTC assistance is to help developing Commonwealth countries to acquire the knowledge and institutional capacity needed to address their own development priorities.